Why Every Mechanic Needs an Automotive Code Scanner

automotive code scannerThe fact that today’s automobiles are complex machines means that likewise, there ought to be complex ways of detecting the slightest trouble so that it is immediately rectified. Modern automobiles contain thousands of connections and parts, and if any of them happened to malfunction, it would take time before the exact problem was identified, let alone repaired. However, thanks to the automotive code scanner, it is possible to regularly and continuously monitor the vehicles functioning, using the OBD.

OBD means on-board diagnostic systems, which is like saying that if an engine malfunctions, an error code is generated and then stored in the cars computer. In case of a complex problem, a light will come on and let the user of the car that it is time the car was taken for repair. Although not all cars can work  or function with the automotive code scanner, most cars that are manufactured nowadays can,  and in 1996, all cars  and light trucks in the US were required to adhere to the OBD 2 standard, which would make it possible for the automotive code scanners to  function in them.

Earlier versions of this time saving gadgets were too big, and expensive. However, as technology advances, the automotive code scanners have come in small sizes that can be comfortably fit in the toolboxes, and sell for around $100. As such, no serious mechanic can afford to be without this gadget in the toolbox. The modern versions of the automotive code scanners are hand held, and the three most common brands include the Actron, Autoxray, and Equus. Each brand ranges from simple gadgets, to complex ones, but almost all of them can read the codes and inform the driver when the car needs immediate repairing. The more complex ones display on the screen more important data, and they have LCD screens.

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