Keep Your Engine’s Cooling System Operating at Peak Efficiency

When you get stuck in traffic on a hot day, do you worry about your car overheating? Your car’s cooling system is designed to keep your engine operating at optimum temperature. But it needs your help to keep working at peak efficiency. You need to check your radiator for damage and dirt buildup from time to time. You also need to check your coolant level on a regular basis.

The radiator is located at the front of most cars. You can visually inspect the outside of your car’s radiator simply by raising the hood and taking a look. The front of the radiator is protected by the grill of your vehicle, so actual physical damage is not likely. However, it is possible that dirt, mud or bugs could build up over time. It would be a good idea to remove this buildup periodically with a water spray when washing your vehicle.

The inside of your radiator is filled with a fluid known as coolant or anti-freeze, depending on the season of the year. Using plain water in a radiator used to be OK during the summer in the old days, but today’s engines run a lot hotter and water just won’t do. The special formulation found in coolant or anti-freeze keeps it from boiling at high temperatures and prevents it from freezing at low temperatures.

To check your coolant level, raise the hood of your vehicle. Most cars today have a coolant reservoir that is marked to show when proper levels are reached. It will usually have a full-hot and full-cold marking. If the engine is hot, use the full-hot mark. If the engine is cold…well, you get the idea.

If your system needs additional coolant, you can poor it right into the coolant reservoir. Don’t remove the radiator cap, especially if the engine is hot. Radiators build up a lot of pressure and you could seriously burned or injured by hot fluids spewing from the radiator top. Most manufacturers recommend a 50-50 mix of water and coolant, unless you are driving in extreme conditions. You can buy coolant and add your own water, or for convenience, you can purchase pre-mixed coolant.

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